Friday, September 26, 2014

Trucks, diggers, scoopers, mixers and hangers...Oh My!

Trucks, diggers, scoopers, mixers, hangers and more! Life in the world of a preschool boy is a great thing during "construction season" in Kansas City. A regular errand can turn into an adventure when we spot an excavator dumping a load of dirt into a dump truck. My youngest is obsessed with all things construction. So I was super excited to get to do this construction cookie set for a sweet little guys' 3rd birthday last week. Great practice for what I'm sure will be a birthday party theme in our house soon! Happy birthday Henry and thank you Katie for the order!  
Construction party cookie set
Little "scoopers" are perfect for little hands!
This design affectionately known in our house as "Dave the dump truck."

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